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Smog (Air Injection) System

Ford Mustangs originally sold in the United States that were equipped with a 428 CJ or SCJ engine were also equipped with an air injection, or "smog" system to reduce unburned hydrocarbon emissions. Ford called this particular exhaust emission system "Thermactor"; some other FE engines (such as the 390-2v) used the "IMCO" (Improved Combustion) exhaust emission system.

Radiator Cooling Fan Shroud

Originally written by Marcus Anghel and edited by Scott Hollenbeck

All 1968, 1969, and 1970 428-equipped Mustangs and Cougars used a 24-inch radiator fan shroud to concentrate air flow between the radiator and the cooling fan to make the cooling system run more efficiently. The fan shroud is designed to enclose the core area so that when the fan is spinning, air flows through the entire surface area. This greatly increases the radiator's ability to transfer heat.

Air Cleaner S-Tube

An air cleaner s-tube connects the exhaust manifold heat shield to the air cleaner snorkel, allowing air heated by the exhaust manifold to flow into the air cleaner. Ford identified s-tubes using basic part number 9652. The 428 CJ s-tube is serviced through part number C8AZ-9652-A. These stamped-steel tubes are painted Ford Corporate Blue and are made from two sheets of formed metal that is pinched together along both sides of the tube.

Reverse Lockout Rod (1970)

Starting with the 1970 model year, Ford added a reverse lockout rod that prevents the key from being removed from the ignition without the transmission gear selector being in its parked position. Similarly, you can't move the shifter out of its parked position ("Reverse" with a manual transmission and "Park" with an automatic transmission) without having the key in the ignition and the ignition switch moved forward from the "lock" position.

Rear U-Joint Flange

Ford identified the rear u-joint flange (also called a pinion yoke) used behind 428 CJ and SCJ engines using basic part number 4851. The 1975 Master Parts Catalog identifies the flange using service part number C4AZ-4851-A, which was replaced by D2OZ-4851-A in October, 1973. For some period of time before then the part was serviced under part number C9OZ-4851-A. I don't have any information describing the service part number used during the 1968 model year. It was designed for use with a 1330 u-joint.


1968, 1969, and 1970 Mustangs originally equipped with a 428 engine were also originally equipped with a heavy-duty "extra cooling" 3-row engine coolant radiator. These down flow radiators were built with vertical tubes and a corrugated-fin core for vertical flow of the coolant from top to bottom. The core is capped with header tanks at top and bottom. The radiator inlet port (upper header tank) connects to the thermostat housing on the engine. The radiator outlet port (lower header tank) connects to the water pump inlet port.

Accessory Pulleys

This page contains application and service part or engineering number descriptions for the many accessory pulleys used on 428 CJ and SCJ Mustangs. Much of the information listed here has been gleaned from build/broadcast sheets, master parts catalogs, and ongoing discussions with people who work with these parts for a living. All measurements are approximate and may differ from your own measurements within manufacturing tolerances. Please note that all references to 1968 applications with air conditioning are for the Shelby GT500KR.

Power Steering Fluid Cooler

Most Mustangs equipped with a 428 Cobra Jet or Super Cobra Jet engine and power steering were also equipped with a power steering fluid cooler. The service part number for this cooler is C8OZ-3D746-A. This same cooler was used on Torinos and Fairlanes equipped with 428 CJ and SCJ engines, and also 1969 and 1970 Boss 429s, but it's not the same cooler as was used on Boss 302s.

Power steering fluid cooler